Developing mobile based websites was truly an impossible feat. Designing a mobile website that can appear native and provide the best experience was somewhat a challenging task for the web designers, because of some fundamental drawbacks. But luckily, some of the smartphone makers are now allowing the web developers to design a native and smooth mobile website. Here are 5 advanced methods to design a mobile web.

1 New type of calendar for mobile website:

Bringing a new kind of calendar to the mobile phone has always been an incredible idea and the web developers have made it possible through a native mobile web development. Using carousels and some JavaScript tools, it is now possible to add a useful calendar on mobile phones.

2 Dynamic content management systems:

Off-canvas flyouts are very effective tools that enrich a mobile website with the best UI pattern that gives a primary navigation to read content easily. It can be termed as the most effective tool for a mobile web developer.

3 Touch to zoom:

Most of the people zoom into the images to get clearer details. With the advanced feature to zoom the images in gallery, the developers advance the image gallery to provide the utmost expediency to the customers that they can get fine details and see them in slide show.

4 Navigation:

When it comes to developing a mobile website, navigational experience becomes the most required thing that all the developers do try their best to bring the best navigational experience to the website. PHP web development is now advanced using high-end tools and techniques.

5 Huge image galleries:

Putting a large image carousel in a mobile based website has been a challenging task for web developers. But with advanced features in smartphone and cutting-edge tools for web development have made it possible to create a user-friendly mobile web development.