If you run an Ecommerce website, its design is a critical element to consider about. A poorly designed product catalogue or website creates frustration and waste valuable time of your customers. And if visitor don’t find the website appropriate, they will switch to another. This results in low conversion rates and below average returns on investment (ROI).

Here are top four Ecommerce web design trends that you should consider when designing Ecommerce website. You can also approach professionals for Web Design in London. These designing tactics will keep your business stay ahead of the pack.

Flat Design

Nowadays, Flat Design has created a buzz in the web designing industry. This design is more pleasing to eye, easy to understand, and easy to develop. And, flat design is easy to make responsive. The design focuses on the content, which decrease website’s bounce rate. Along with this, call-to-action buttons have slight gradients that look subtle and, the same applies to drop shadow.

Micro UX/Transitions

A website integrated with micro UX effects and transitions ensures incredible user experience. The transitions such as hover effects on the navigation bar outlines the paths visitors take as they navigate the shop. This is a unique feature which keep visitors engaged, reducing bounce rate.

Tiled Navigation

It goes without saying that images are far more attractive and captivating than bulky content boxes. And this has made tiled navigation popular among Ecommerce sites. Nowadays, sites are inclined towards using preview in the form of tiles instead of the conventional standard top. This trick not only pleases to the eye but also keep visitors engaged.


You have to make your website responsive, which means it must appear across all screen sizes without compromising on functionality. Along with this, you should take factors such screen resolution combinations, browser capabilities and connection speed when creating a Ecommerce website.

In order to get a website designed, you are suggested to consult a Ecommerce web design company in London.