Being a web developer
What makes a good web developer? What is the importance of the web developer for the world of web? Well the answers to these questions can be found while going through this regular column of our blog. You will also get the latest news about the web development with our popular blog.

Coming back to the question, to answer it, I will propose, to which most of you will agree that the cobwebs of web has encircled/engulfed the whole world. These cobwebs have pervaded into every lives and into every systems of this world. Now who are those spiders weaving and spreading these cobwebs across horizon. They are the Web-developer who like spiders is working assiduously and conscientiously, using various intricate programming languages like PHP, JAVA script etc. to weave a net of web.

Why PHP for web development
For Front end web developers PHP comes like a magic wand tool into their hands, equipping them with perfect and accurate front end programming language. Since 1995 the PHP continues to dominate the front end programming arena. Let’s know about the reasons behind its omnipresence into this web world-

Its beginner’s cup of tea—it’s easy to start and easy to use. One needs to only use few tags with the html files and directly upload it to the server.

Its’ also Master’s magic wand- The PHP comes with an inherent inbuilt support for most popular databases like MYSQL. This does need the usage of additional drivers. One only needs to use the MYSQL functions.

Cost effectiveness- Since PHP has been in existence for very long, so web server’s support is also found easily. Beside this PHP web development is compatible both with the Linux as well as the Windows. This gives it an added advantage over other Front end programming language like Java.
Latest in PHP

There has arrived the latest version of PHP- PHP 7.0.0 Beta 1. It is the advanced version of the PHP that has been developed to provide enhanced security and stability to the Web developers.