Why Sharepoint and Ruby Rails specialists
Before discussing about the applications of sharepoint I would like to share my experience as a manager of my own enterprise. When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, my small enterprise dealing with various products and services was easy to manage and I successfully managed its operations as well as its data’s also. By god’s grace soon my enterprise expanded and I found myself as the owner of a mid-sized enterprise. As manager I was required now to manage more complex operations with in-built intricacies and huge output of daily data’s. Unfortunately I started to falter. Then someone suggested me about SharePoint specialist and Ruby on rails developers who can manage in complete way the organization data center and its exchanges of files.

Twin sisters of sharepoint and Ruby rails
The sharepoint is a programming which works like a super intelligent manager and business developer for your organization, as it provides both intranet as well as extranet functions. More specifically the Sharepoint can facilitate content and document management. It can manage even the personal clouds across various platforms. Further its super intelligence can work like an extra hand for organization by searching and connecting with other enterprises. This in turn does business expansion for the organization.

The sister Ruby on Rails or simply Rails provides MVC-model view controller, and works compatibly with the COC(convention over configuration) and DRY (don’t repeat you). It enables the use of JASON or XML for file or data transfer and html, CSS, Java script for the display. Rails latest version 4.2 was launched in 2014 and it has become very popular among the web managers. Ruby on Rails is installed by using the RubyGem which comes with the latest version.