Certain trends have solidified their positions in mobile web development. In 2015, there have been some trends that must be followed by every mobile web designer. Let us read a little bit about each of these trends.

Watching is learning

Nowadays, every second netizen will prefer watching and learning. The era of reading and understating is slowly submitting itself to oblivion. Now, for quick learning, every reader/netizen will rely on finding a video. And keeping in mind this trend, more and more websites—especially for mobiles—will incorporate videos rather than texts.

Mobile is become more dominant

The debut of Responsive Web Design (RWD) has been phenomenal in 2012. As the time has passed, RWD has become dominant. The formats for RWD are user friendly and intuitive, enabling a web design to adjust seamlessly on screens of varied devices such as desktops, notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones. As per Time, the future of the internet is mobile phones. Hence, every webmaster and business should understand that incorporating RWD is beneficial.
The end of mouse clicks is nigh

Mouse clicks are not getting the love once people had for them. In accordance with mobile web designing, people prefer scrolling over clicking. And that has to be reflected in today’s web designing. That is why people will now find more and more websites that have longer homepages (requiring scrolling rather than clicking).

Flat design rules

Now, web designs having 3D features are a big no. Nowadays, 2D web designs are again selling like hot cakes. With the release of Apple iOS 7, 2D designs—most commonly known as flat designs—have been appreciated by users and web designers alike. These designs are characterized by big typography and minimalistic layouts. And that is why they are aptly suited for mobiles by experienced webmasters.

Every leading webmaster will follow each of these trends. Whether it is JavaScript or PHP web development project, your mobile websites must be built in line with these fresh trends.