IPhone has revolutionized the mobile world with the introduction of a number of features and benefits using the newest technology and techniques. Be it shopping, banking, gaming, ticketing, seeking information or any other activity, features rich iPhones improve the quality of life with customized and interactive apps. These apps are meant for both individuals as well as businesses as they render newer, quicker and cost-effective ways to get access online world in the least amount of time. Modern mobile apps are known for hassle-free communication between people(s) who love to use techno devices for solving their personal as well as business related issues in an amicable manner. That is why the utility and value of iPhone app development has increased by manifolds.

There are mainly 3 types of mobile apps which are mainly used by mobile developers for making interactive, communicative, and user-friendly iphone apps. They are: Native, Web, and Hybrid. These apps have their own advantages when it comes to using for making impeccable mobile apps for the world’s most stylish and feature-rich mobile—iPhone.

Native app: Basically, “Native” app is a downloadable app that is easy to install as well as run from the handheld device. These apps are written to target iOS, Android, or Windows OS using specific coding languages. Being fast and tailored to OS, these apps are widely used by web developers, but cost can be a great factor.

Web app: These apps look alike specially developed and highly optimized websites. One of the most striking features of this app is that it can be easily run on any platform. It is less costly when it comes to developing app that utilizes ‘open web technology’.

Hybrid app: It is a combination of both the mentioned-above app types-Native and Web. It is based on a single code used to produce apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, WebOS, and Symbian. It is extremely cost-effective and can be distributed via app stores.