So, the year 2014 is inching towards its end and we are just few months away from the New Year! It means there must be something new for us to talk about. This time, we have new web development trends to talk about, which are creeping around and will be on the hottest list in early 2015.
We can start looking at some 2014’s latest trends in web designing and think of those likelihoods that would be lurking around in the next year images (1)2015.

Responsive web design:

You may be doubtful in using responsive web designing, but I think it will be the hottest trend in web development in coming years. Over the last few years, responsive web designing has congealed itself in a different way. It has emerged as a new standard for web design in common and WordPress themes.

It is a method of developing websites which runs on smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. The method makes it easy for designers to use the same code across several screen resolutions. Most of the modern websites are responsive.

3D Transition Effects:

Over the last few years, a number of new websites are being enriched with 3D animated videos so as to educate the visitors in an entertaining way. Web development agencies are developing websites that include pages for animated videos, animated image gallery, navigation menu, and others.

Flat UI Design:

We can not end up the blog post without mentioning the wide-acceptance of flat UI design. It allows the developers to design very flatter buttons utilizing natural box and text shadows. In coming days, there is a huge possibility of getting something more exciting in Flat UI design and GUI kits.

HTML5 video player:

Though Flash is still a purposeful application for the web development, but a majority of developers will agree that the future of web development is moving around HTML5. It brings some exciting elements for developers, allowing them to build music and audio players using the same code.images (2)

Personalized image galleries:

With the integration of JavaScript and CSS, numbers of developers are now capable of designing personalized image galleries that utilize an elastic dragging application to switch between the images.

Expanding search options:

It is perhaps impossible to find the exact year when this feature turned popular with developers, but over last few years, expanding search options in a website has moved up rapidly. It is believed to be highly useful for responsive websites that let the visitors do more tasks on an easy layout.

To conclude,
Web development is undoubtedly a dynamic science that cannot stick with a particular technology. It keeps on changing, so that it can introduce exciting features to both developers and visitors.